Please join us in thanking Philips for their generous support of the ABMRS MR Safety Certified™ exams for MRMD, MRSO, and MRSE.

Thanks to a grant from Philips, registration fees for the Melbourne, Australia exams have been cut in half… from $350 AUD to $175 AUD.

Please take a moment to click one of the links below to help express your gratitude for Philips’ support for MRI Safety Certification. The Twitter link will provide you with a pre-drafted message (which you are welcome to edit before you post), and the Facebook link will take you to the Philips facebook page, where you can type your own thank you, or copy and paste the following:

Thank you, Philips, for supporting Australian / NZ MR safety professionals as they pursue ABMRS MR Safety Certification™ at the exams in Melbourne at the end of the month.

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